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Welcome to Healthful Evolution by Tati Wolfe

Holistic Wellness Coaching and Advocacy 


Hey There! I'm Tati, 

Welcome to Healthful Evolution – my space to share experiences and ideas on navigating chronic conditions and challenging diagnoses. I believe in the transformative power of self-advocacy and that when we become responsible for our own health and well-being we gain agency and choice. Those who actively engage in their health journey often experience better outcomes than those relying solely on external sources. It's the power of taking ownership and responsibility that takes us far and often guides us toward finding our most healing medicines. 

Choosing to reclaim your health is choosing empowerment, unlocking a whole world of possibilities. Here, I offer resources, articles, and personal insights to inspire and support your unique path to a healthful evolution. I'm all about encouraging you to take control, educate yourself, make informed decisions, and actively participate in your healing process. This is a hero's journey and you are the HERO! It's time to own it!

I share my journey with self-advocacy in dealing with chronic conditions to empower you to become an active participant in your health journey and to hold on to your capability to make aligned decisions regarding your well-being. Recognizing that each recovery path is unique, I strive to provide information and support that can help individuals make choices that agree and are in line with their personal values and goals. 

Moreover, I strive to create a safe space- a community- for people dealing with all kinds of chronic and scary afflictions and diagnoses, to come undone, so they can build back up again, more whole and more themselves.

Join me on this quest to reclaim our power and embark on your own healthful evolution. Take charge, explore possibilities, and discover the transformative force of self-advocacy in your healing journey.

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Why Naturopathy

Some of the topics you'll see here. 

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Mindfulness Practices

Incorporating mindfulness practices is essential for reclaiming our health. These practices help us cultivate a deep connection to our intuition and awareness to our personal sensations and feelings. Fully embracing the present moment and interpreting our body's signals is a healing super power.


Yoga offers a multitude of benefits, allowing us to connect with ourselves and the world around us through the breath. It guides us to live in flow, and it helps us keep our minds and bodies flexible. Yoga teaches us to adapt, finding comfort in challenging and ever-changing situations through the practice of Yoga asanas (poses). Embracing yoga as part of your wellness journey will help you manage and navigate the complexities and ups and downs of dealing with a chronic condition..


We are social beings who thrive on connection and support from others. By joining a supportive community like ours, you'll find a safe and welcoming space where you can be yourself, enjoy the company of like-minded individuals, and share your unique perspectives. Experiencing the power of acceptance, understanding, and unity allows our nervous system to relax, giving us the chance to feel safe and open to receive. 

This is literally the recipe for the perfect healing container. Being part of a vibrant and uplifting community were we feel valued and empowered is an essential part of our health journey 

Understanding Your Body Constitution 

Self-advocacy blooms when we embrace a deep understanding of our bodies and minds. This knowledge empowers us, giving us the tools to care for ourselves and support our bodies in healing, with a tailored approach to food, practices, environments, habits, and many other ways in which we interact with our internal and external world.


Ayurveda provides the concept of doshas or body constitutions, which are particular patterns of energy that create our unique physical, emotional, and mental being. See the Dosha quiz tab for more info. 

Habit Implementation Strategies

Habits that support our well-being, like circadian rhythm habits, are essential for health recovery and wellness, they create a foundation of consistent positive actions and a momentum towards increasingly feeling better.

These habits support the body's healing processes, contribute to overall well-being, and foster a sustainable path to recovery.


This ancient science teaches us that we are a smaller version of the infinite whole - a tiny universe- interconnected, and as such, we have all the natural elements and energies that are present in our external universe within us, meaning that we humans, are bound to nature’s rhythms and thrive when we respect and follow them.

Ayurveda emphasizes the implementation of routines and habits in order to support our physiology, it teaches us to take proper care of our individual traits taking into consideration our personal constitution and tendencies.

Following Ayurvedic recommendations in your healing journey will give you an advantage, up-leveling your efforts making them more targeted and more effective.

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