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The Doshas

According to Ayurveda, when the 5 elements combine, Ether with Air, Fire with Water, and Earth with Water, the tridosha is formed. The doshas (tridosha) are particular patterns of energy that create our unique physical, emotional, and mental being.

These three doshas are present in everyone and everything. Within our bodies, the doshas combine to give us a predominance of usually one or two of the doshas, although, all of the doshas are present within us at all times. 

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Vata is the energy of movement. Physiologically, Vata is the force behind the nervous system, respiration, movements in the muscles and tissues, heart pulsation, cell movements, and bodily elimination.

People with Vata as their primary constitution (dosha) have very creative minds, and they make excellent artists and healers.

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Pitta is the heat of transforrmation. It manifests in the body as the metabolic force. It governs digestion absorption, assimilation, nutrition, and body temperature. In the mind, Pitta shows up as a sharp mind, discerning and focused. People with Pitta as their primary dosha tend to be ambitious and generally like to be in leadership positions. 

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Kapha is the energy of structure, and it's responsible for biological strength, vigor, stability, and natural tissue resistance in the body.

Kapha types have a tendency to "hold on to", this could mean emotions, wieght or even resentment.They are usually very loving and comforting people to be with, who carry amaizing grounding energy . 

Curious about knowing your dosha/body constitution? Click below to find out!

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