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New Year, New Beginnings and Changing Perspective

Updated: Mar 14

It’s January, we are fresh into the start of the new year and many are excited to see what this new year will bring. 

For me, this is a new beginning, the beginning of the Healthful Evolution monthly newsletter! I’m so excited to share my thoughts, perspectives, and ideas with you all through this medium since I believe I express myself best through writing. 

Many of you are dealing with pesky health conditions, heck, I am one of you, dealing with symptoms that won’t go away and make our life more difficult if not a lot more difficult.

I get it, it’s freaking tough! But we have a choice to make every day - because guess what? We don’t have to wait til the new year for a new beginning, every single day of our lives is an opportunity to start anew and make the decision to see life’s challenges through different lenses, with a new perspective. 

Instead of waking up to “ I hate how I feel” or “another day with these symptoms” we can choose to maybe see what amazing things are outside of our window; maybe the sun is shining and the sky is clear, we can choose to be grateful for that and start our day with gratitude in our hearts and the intention to see the beauty and the blessings that are always around us. 

You may say it’s easy for me to say, “Oh, just decide to see things differently”, and no it’s not easy, but making the decision is the beginning - we have to start somewhere right?- and if we continue to decide on changing our perspective daily, choosing to see the beauty and finding things to be grateful for, little by little it starts to become our default perspective. 

When I was first incorporating this practice into my life I used a small rose quartz crystal that I would always keep within reach, most times in my pocket. 

Every time that I put my hand in my pocket I would feel the stone and remember to find or think about something that I was grateful for, I called this crystal my “gratitude stone”.

I no longer use my gratitude stone, I don’t need it. I have created the habit of always looking for the positive side in every situation - because believe it or not there is ALWAYS light in the darkness - and living with a grateful heart is the best gift we can give ourselves.I encourage you to give this practice a try, find your own “gratitude item” (doesn’t have to be a crystal), and start implementing a change of perspective in your life. Slow but steady wins the race, so if you find yourself back at your less-than-positive default perspective, give yourself a pat on the back along with some compassion, it’s ok, you are moving forward at your own pace, you are doing great! 

To Health and wellness!

Tati Wolfe.

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